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Latest updates and announcements.

March 2024

Updated Breadcrumbs component. It now uses shadcn's design an has a new structure to enable more customisability.

Added Searchfield component.

January 2024 - Week 3


You can now add components using a command line. This is built using a tool called @sly-cli. To get started see here

January 2024 - Week 1


I have renamed the project from shadcn-aria to JollyUI. It will keep the same goal of mimicking shadcn/ui components and converting them to react aria components. I simply renamed it as it did not feel right using shadcn's name on a project he hasn't officially endorsed/worked on, besides shadcn/ui itself being open-sourced.

Theme Customiser

Added a theme customizer to the site so you can customize the docs to your liking, and easily copy the css needed. Fully compatible with shadcn/ui.