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A combo box combines a text input with a listbox, allowing users to filter a list of options to items matching a query.


npx @sly-cli/sly add jolly-ui combobox

Note: Only the default style can be installed via CLI at the moment



By default, interacting with an item in a ComboBox selects it and updates the input value. Alternatively, items may be links to another page or website. This can be achieved by passing the href prop to the <ComboboxItem> component. Interacting with link items navigates to the provided URL and does not update the selection or input value.

The <ComboboxItem> component works with frameworks and client side routers like Next.js, Remix and React Router. As with other React Aria components that support links, this works via the RouterProvider component at the root of your app. See the client side routing guide to learn how to set this up.


A <ComboboxLabel> element may also be included to label the section. This can be offset and/or include a separator based on the value of the props. See examples of this below where the fruit label contains a separator and the Vegetable one an offset.

Static Items

Dynamic Items

Sections used with dynamic items are populated from a hierarchical data structure. Please note that ComboboxSection takes an array of data using the items prop only. If the section also has a header, the ComboboxCollection component can be used to render the child items.